Silica Sand

Silica sand is a single crystal grain that is not physically or chemically stable. However, there are many types and you can select the one that suits your purpose.

Characteristics of silica sand

It has a high melting point, excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and high recyclability, so it can be used for molding sand and sausage.

It is used as a sandblasting abrasive. It is also used as an aggregate for mortar and concrete When used as a material, in addition to improving strength and earthquake resistance.

it also suppresses the ionization tendency of metals and resists corrosion. It can also improve eating habits and is used in buildings and bridges near the sea.

Features of PARSHV Silica Sand

The strength of Exceed is the direct purchase from overseas manufacturers through our original route. The quotient from multiple countries. Since we handle products, we can select the most suitable product for our customers and provide a stable supply. Well In addition, because the grain shape is uniform, a beautiful casting surface can be achieved when used for foundry sand.

Texture Paint
Sodium Silicate
Surface Hardning
Compound Chemical properties Magnated Non magnated
Loss on ignition (LOI) 0.26 0.274
Sio2 % (SiO2) 99.25 98.5 +
(Fe2O3) 0.015-0.018 0.030
Alimina (AI2O3) 0.20 0.29
Potash (K2O) 0.0074 0.008
Soda (Na2O) 0.0175 0.0178
Calcium oxide (CaO) 0.045 0.072
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.017 0.025
(TiO2) 0.035 0.14
(H2O) Max 5% Max 5%
Size (in BSS mesh) (AFS SIZES Below) 30-60 8-16
25-30 30-80 16-32
30-35 24-60
35–40 30-80
40-45 30-100
45-50 ,50-55 ,55-60 50-150

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